Fife Dental Practice Offering 3D Xray Scanning Service

Saltire Dental Practice here in Glenrothes Fife are about to introduce new Xray technology to their already modernly equipped dental Clinic which is a solution to their most pressing concerns and that of all Dentist Practices in Fife and beyond — how to easily achieve predictable outcomes for implant treatment.

The answer comes with our Dental Practice having invested in the latest CBCT 3D Image Scanner for taking Xrays of your mouth.

Our new equipment is going to improve your dental treatment planning and us deliver better patient/referral communication. Plus the technology and the process will provide greater confidence when placing implants.


How Do Our Dental Patients Benefit from Our CBCT Xray Scan?

Introducing this new technology will improve our digital workflow efficiency by eliminating many of your treatment steps and appointments. It is also going to improve our collaborative planning when we need to share your digital impression files with the lab of choice for the creation of abutments and restorations. And a key benefit is the accuracy this 3D image Digital Xray Scanner provides which leads to more predictable results.”

Unlike 2D scans, which are “flat” images, when we do a 3D scan it is going to allow us here at Saltire Dental Practice to completely visualize the region of interest inside your mouth. The 3D Xray will be giving us the the details we need to make more accurate diagnoses and put together a more effective treatment plan for you.

What Happens When I Visit Saltire Dental Practice for My CBCT 3D Xray Scan?

You will be positioned in the CBCT machine which you can see from pictures on this web page it is an open plan Xray machine. And so for your comfort with this open design we can accommodate patients of all sizes.
A member of our Dental team here at the dental clinic will carefully position your head and ask you to keep still during the scan. Your 3D Xray scan should only take one minute or less.


Are There Any Risks Associated with this New 3D Xray Scanning Procedure?

This new Xray scanner uses a much lower radiation dose than the medical CT Xray Scans you may have been exposed to in the past. With the older 2D equipment as our patient you would have been exposed to a radiation dose equivalent to 179-578 days of background radiation—that is, the amount of radiation you are exposed to in your daily life

But when you come to us for a CBCT 3D image scan using our new state of the art Xray machine and us scan the same area of your mouth, is comparable to only 6-8 days of background radiation.

What Will my 3D Image Xray Scan Show?

The CT Scan we do takes an x-ray image of your teeth, jaws, and surrounding vital structures. The detail the 3D scan will show in high resolution is unparalleled detail that would we would see using older equipment whereby some structures were not visible doing those more traditional X-rays.

With our new 3D CT scan technology, your dentist here at Saltire Dental Practice can assess your case, and determine if you are suitable for dental implants, see the quantity and quality of bone and whether bone grafting will be necessary and plan precisely where to place your implants.

This new process using 3D Xray scanning is going to make implant placement more efficient and predictable while dramatically reducing the time you spend as our patient in the dental chair.

Needing to Discuss Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

If you are ready for a smile makeover the impact that can have on your overall appearance, then come and talk through your treatment plan with us to help you get that healthy looking smile that will install you with confidence and self esteem.


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