Flashpearl™ Tooth Stain Removal

Fed up with stained teeth? You are not alone!
Tooth stain removal is increasing in popularity. It is also essential before procedures for tooth whitening.The most common causes of tooth staining are due to the everyday things that we enjoy such as tea, coffee, wine, nicotine etc.

Our dental Therapists at Saltire Dental Practice will have your teeth stain-free and back to their natural colour within minutes, using this revolutionary Flashpearl™ technology.

Flashpearl™, a cleaning powder for Prophy-Mate neo, is a spherical particulate powder designed to roll smoothly over tooth surfaces and penetrate all corners for rapid cleaning. The spherical shape of the powder granules lessens the likelihood of damage to teeth and soft tissue while removing stains and plaque quickly and safely. The base of FLASH pearl is natural tasting calcium, which contributes to low maintenance of Prophy-Mate neo by not forming masses that block the nozzle. The powder also reduces the acidity of oral fluids and inhibits bacterial development while decreasing plaque formation. This product is ideal for cleaning the teeth of patients sensitive to sodium bicarbonate or who suffer from high blood pressure.

Spa Treatment for your Gums and Teeth

There are many ways to remove tooth staining at the dentist (e.g scale & polish). However, our experience has shown this Airflow technology to be very effective. A mixture of air and special Flashpearl™  powder combine with a water jet to remove plaque and staining from teeth, fast and painlessly.

Why not book in before a special occasion, first date or even an important meeting to get that fresh, clean and healthy smile that oozes confidence! It is worth it!



Why not call us now on 01592 771317 to give your gums and teeth a spa treatment, go you are worth it!

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