Saltire membership plan

Here at Saltire, we are offering our patients the option to continue routine dental care, i.e. six monthly Examinations.

The Nhs has changed how patients will be seen at the practice and have issued a new items of service for NHS patients. This is known as the SDR (Scottish Dental Remuneration) it outlines all NHS treatments which are available to patients, it also states the time between in which exams can be charged which has changed to yearly eighteen months and 24 months.

The NHS has also increased their fees which are payable for the patients and this has increased in most areas by almost 300 percent, we are not convinced this will be the only increase the NHS is going to implement but we have looked at the costs and feel that what we are offering for our members is the better option.

We are offering two Private Exams, two private Hygiene Visits, X-rays and study models all for £19.40 a month.

As part of the hygiene visit we are providing patients with air polishing, practices in the area are charging over £80 extra per session for this.

We are backing up the membership plan with membership pricing for our treatments offering the best materials at very competitive pricing, where in some cases we can offer private treatments for not much more than what the Nhs will charge for a lesser product.

If you have any questions regarding our Membership plan with Denplan please do not hesitate in getting in contact with us at the practice, or if you want to register online please click the following link:-   Register with Denplan

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