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Saltire Dental Practice Therapists are specially trained to clean patients teeth keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

It can not be stressed enough how important hygiene treatments are to maintain good oral health. Our number one goal is to create a healthy environment in your mouth. For your teeth to stay right where they are, they need a healthy foundation, that is where your periodontal (gum) and underlying bone condition comes in. You would not want to build a beautiful house on a bad foundation, would you? The same analogy applies to your teeth. Do you really want to invest the time and money on beautiful cosmetic fillings and crowns only to lose the teeth a short time later due to gum disease? No, I’m sure you would not! Our focus is to insure the foundation is secure and we do this with periodic x-rays and regular testing, or probing, of the gum tissue to detect problems. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other medical problems such as diabetes.

Do a Dental Hygiene Self Test

  • Do your gums bleed?
  • Does your breath smell?
  • Have you been previously diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease?

There are various levels of gum disease from a slight case of inflammation called “gingivitis” to advanced periodontal diseases. But the good news is that it is a treatable problem. We now have the technology to treat all phases of this disease.

Saltire Dental Practice Hygiene services - catered to your specific needs.

Just like any other disease, some of us are more prone to gum disease than others and they need to be identified and managed correctly. At all examination appointments we routinely check the gums to determine problems with the gums and then treatment is targeted to these findings and we all work as a team together to ensure the disease is being managed appropriately and you are receiving the correct level of care.

Saltire Dental Practice Therapists work with you to achieve optimum gum health and the aim is to maintain this for life. If you are one of our planned patients you will be benefiting from two hygiene visits a year.

We have invested in a soft tissue laser at the practice which is very effective at treating and managing gum disease using Perio green®, as well we have Periochip® treatment available.

perio green® - because elexxion relies on science! 
Photodynamic therapy and photothermal therapy are not the same thing – the systems differ considerably. More than any other company, elexxion has consistently relied on science from the initial idea to market launch, from the Petri dish to the patient’s mouth. The photothermal effect achieved with perio green® is therefore guaranteed – a guarantee for me, but also for my patients!

PerioChip® is an innovative, easy to insert biodegradable chip containing 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine gluconate – an ideal non-antibiotic adjunct treatment to reduce pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis. It has been demonstrated clinically to be effective and well tolerated for periodontal pockets with a depth of more than 5 mm. The innovative biodegradable gelatin matrix contains 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine gluconate. This is released slowly over a period of 7 days. A high local concentration of chlorhexidine eliminates 99.9%. of bacteria in the pocket and suppresses the early recovery of the periodontal pathogenic biofilm for up to 11 weeks. The gelatin matrix makes PerioChip strong, and its unique size and shape enable easy insertion with forceps after routine scaling and root planing (SRP). PerioChip can be used as part of a thorough periodontal maintenance program. Give your patients the benefits of an easy, local non-antibiotic solution that is well tolerated and clinically effective.

Speak to your Dentist or Therapist today about any of these treatments available or problems or issues with your gums.

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