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At Saltire Dental Practice we take the greatest of care to make sure you the patient are going to experience dentistry in as calm and pain-free way as possible. We are fully aware that coming to the dentist is a stressful process. We aim to minimise any stress involved by seeing you as punctually as we can and with a caring and sympathetic approach.

Topical Analgesia

By using analgesic sprays or cream even the discomfort of the first initial prick of the local anaesthetic needle is taken away.

Local Analgesia

Local anaesthetic using Lignocaine acts swiftly and effectively to remove any pain or discomfort from the dental process. To minimise the discomfort of injections in "tight" areas, the anaesthetic may be administered in small increments, making it a totally pain-free procedure.

Post Operative Care

Depending on the procedure that you have received post operative advice will be given to allow you the fastest recovery with as little discomfort as possible.

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