Facial Aesthetics - A Reason to Smile

At Saltire Dental Practice we do not only care for your teeth, gums and mouth, but we care for your face as well. Why? Simply because a smile encompasses all of the above, and we want you to be happy when you smile. That means that in addition to the perfect smile( teeth) you are as smooth and wrinkle free as possible.

How do we achieve this?

Wrinkles and lines be gone!

With our proven skin treatments we can lessen the creasing that happens were there is lots of muscle activity. This gives rise to wrinkles as the skin above the muscle moves and deepens when the muscles moves. By gently administering botulinum toxin type A in very small quantity we get these muscles to relax and hence the skin above it also relaxes and hence wrinkles are reduced! An the result is a more rejuvenated and awake appearance.

Dermal Fillers-Folds and Creases Erased

This treatment consist of placement of a gel, (very much like that which hold all of our cells together and keeps the skin supple) in areas under the skin where we lack this gel. This gel is called Hyaluronic Acid and is abundant in our skin when we are young (for example babies have lots hence they are chubby and cute) but we produce less of it when we age, hence volume loss and sagging of tissue. Carefully replacing this substance in areas where we lack it like deep folds, and creases in the skin on our face, can do wonders to improving our skin and hydrates the skin and give a rejuvenated appearance.

Fillers can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

Skin Peel- Reveal New Skin Which lies Beneath

This treatment is aimed to stimulate the body to produce its own healing molecules-collagen to help replace the ones we lost and are not producing at a rapid enough rate as we age.
A mild acid solution is applied to the skin to trigger the body to produce collagen and the result after exfoliation of skin is a softer more youthful glowing skin.
This treatment works wonders for skin thats congested and clogged and works best as a series of course for best results.

To discuss any of our facial aesthetic treatment please call us now on 01592 771317 for a free no obligation consultation.

Please note that packages are available for all of our facial aesthetic treatment which can save you money.

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