Dental Laser Treatment

At Saltire Dental Practice we carry out dental laser treatment procedures for a number of dental problems such as:

Tooth Decay

Gum Disease

Biopsy Removal

Teeth Whitening

Denistry Laser Work

Compared to the traditional dental drill, if you have laser dentristy work, the lasers do not heat up or make a noise like a dentists drill.

However, traditional drills may still be needed to shape a filling, adjust the bite and polish the filling. There use in your dental treatment means their is less pain in some instances and so therefore reducing the need for anaesthetic. This of course reduces anxiety in the patient.

The Latest Dental Technology Techniques at Fife's Most Relaxing Dental Surgery

Saltire Dental Care has invested in an Elexxion Soft tissue Laser, simply because this versatile machine represents the best in quality and cutting edge technology and allows us to provide exceptional care and treatment to our patients.

From facilitating the perfect outline of gum around a crown for perfect balance and symmetry to your smile, to zapping bugs causing gum disease,to giving your tooth whitening a more dazzling effect and even treating and banishing cold sores, laser treatment can only add value to our dental services.

Come and make an appointment to visit our modern dental practice in the heart of Glenrothes and find out how your next trip to the dentist will be a whole lot different and a much more relaxing experience due to the technology we now have available.

To find out more information about lasers in dentistry call us on 01592 771317.

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